J.L. Beck Books

All of J.L. Beck’s book can be bought online through Amazon. Personalized paperbacks can be bought via this website under the J.L. Beck Paperback tab. Books are in reading order.


-Bittersweet Series-

Bittersweet Revenge (Book One): 

Bittersweet Love (Book Two): 

Bittersweet Hate (Book Three):

Bittersweet Symphony (Book Four): 

Bittersweet Trust (Book Five): 

Bittersweet Reunion

-Kingpin Love Affair Series-

Indebted (Book One):

Inevitable (Book Two):

Invinincible (Book Three):

Injustice (Book Four):

-Worth It Series-

Worth the Chase (Book One):

Worth the Chance (Book Two): Coming Soon

-Ties Series-

Dangerous Ties (Book One): 

Severed Ties (Book Two): 

Mended Ties (Book Three): Coming Soon

-Stepbrother Romance Series-

Filthy (Standalone):

Royal Prick (Standalone):

Stepbrother Daddy (Standalone): 

-Office Romance Series-

Bossy (Standalone): 

Dirty Deeds (Standalone): COMING SOON 

-Project: Series-

Project: Killer (Book One): 

Project: Rogue (Book Two):